Attorney Mark Tepper provided a unique viewpoint as a former state regulator whose private practice includes representing the interests of investors who may have been victims of stock fraud in criminal and civil actions, while conducting a training and education course on suitability and supervision for State Securities Regulators in Texas on December 6, 2012.

The course reviewed the use and interpretation of the suitability rules, and the application of those rules to investment advisers.

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Discussion also included the types of suitability, degrees of due diligence, and common defenses to the claim of an unsuitable recommendation.

In addition to representing victims of fraudulent investment schemes from his law practice in Fort Lauderdale, Mr. Tepper has spent his career volunteering his expertise to professional associations, local clubs and financial organizations in a continuing effort to educate on the subject of securities fraud.

He also conducted suitability training for state securities examiners during NASAA annual Broker/Dealer Conferences. His presentation at a NASAA Enforcement Meeting in Orlando, Florida explained his study which provided some of the first evidence that arbitration can be unfair to public customers. Mr. Tepper’s study of Florida Arbitration Awards conducted was published in the PIABA Bar Journal.

Mr. Tepper received an outstanding service award from NASAA for “significant contributions to securities fraud prosecutions and tireless efforts on behalf of the Association’s Training and Education Program.” He has conducted training and education for NASAA and the NASD (now FINRA).

Mr. Tepper also shared his expertise in representing elderly investors who have been defrauded in his presentation to Florida State Securities Examiners and attorneys attending the NASAA annual Broker Dealer Training conference in Fort Lauderdale. And, during a NASAA Investor Education Training Seminar held in Ft. Lauderdale, Mr. Tepper shared his expertise on a panel that examined “What Today’s Investors are Facing.”

NASAA selected Mr. Tepper to lead its delegation to the Fifth International Symposium on Commercial Crime, in Cambridge, England which brought together prosecutors and financial fraud investigators from other countries and provided a framework for future cooperation.

As a former Chairman of the Public Investors Arbitration Bar Association’s NASAA Committee, Mr. Tepper participated in an arbitration forum in New York, sponsored by NASAA, where he presented evidence from a defrauded investor, illustrating how the arbitration system can fail.

Mark Hopkinson, NewsMark Public Relations