– Cites Unfair Business Practice at Airport

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ORLANDO, Fla., — Citing unfair business practice at the Orlando International Airport, former U.S. Attorney Larry Colleton has called on the airport’s Chief Executive Bill Jennings to terminate a ground transportation contract with the Walt Disney Company.

Writing on behalf of the Greater Orlando Livery Association (GOLA), the largest membership organization of limousine operators serving Central Florida, Colleton called for an urgent meeting with the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority to halt an unfair business practice that gives the Disney Company “exclusive and unprecedented access to travelers.”

“The Colleton Law Firm, P.A., has been retained by (GOLA) to assist it with respect to what the Association believes to be unfair business practices by the Aviation Authority. As you are aware, GOLA strongly believes that the Aviation Authority’s contract with Walt Disney World that created the Disney Magical Express at the Orlando International Airport establishes an unfair business practice by giving the Disney Company exclusive and unprecedented access to travelers,” Colleton stated in a registered letter to the aviation authority’s chief executive. 
Outlining five separate issues, Colleton stated, “Members of GOLA have seen a significant reduction in their business since the implementation of this contract. The impact was immediate and there can be no doubt about the direct correlation between the implementation of this contract and the decline in business.” 
Colleton referred to Disney’s access to the third level of the Airport terminal where prearranged passengers are met as “a material breach of the terms and conditions of the contract by Walt Disney.” “In paragraph ten (10) of the special conditions addendum to the Space/Use Agreement, Walt Disney may only provide ground transportation services ‘to individuals who have purchased such services prior to arriving at the airport as part of a resort room reservation.’ GOLA has direct evidence that non-prearranged travelers are being offered the service by Walt Disney.” 
Colleton also stated that Disney’s access in, and directly behind, the carousel baggage claim area — an area normally restricted to airport and airline baggage handlers — also delivered “an unfair advantage when compared with all other providers.”

“There is great concern the subject contract will provide Disney with a monopoly. There will be less and less competition because more and more small businesses who make up GOLA will no longer exist. One must ask whether the Aviation Authority wants to be the cause of destroying viable small businesses as a direct result of this contract,” he concluded.

“We feel the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority has failed to recognize the potential long-term negative impact on the city as a whole and we’re inviting anyone similarly affected to join us in a coalition against this unfair business practice,” said GOLA president Randy Terranova.

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