West Palm Beach & Orlando Fl, August 13 – The West Palm Beach Housing Authority has been awarded the  Quality Senior Living Award (QSLA) by the Florida Council on Aging.

The prestigious award, sponsored by Florida Power & Light (FPL) and the Florida Council on Aging, was presented to the Agency in recognition of outstanding services provided to older persons across the State of Florida.

“Congratulations on being the recipient of the 2008 Service to Seniors by an Organization!” R. Dave Lynn, President Florida Council on Aging wrote in his letter announcing the award. “The West Palm Beach Housing Authority was selected from among all nominations received, for outstanding service to older persons.”

Receiving the award in the “Service to Seniors by an Organization” category was WPBHA’s Elder Care & Crisis Manager, Pamela Wiener, Ph.D.

The Quality Senior Living Awards were presented in conjunction with the  Florida Conference on Aging currently underway through August 14, at the Renaissance Resort Sea World in Orlando, Florida.

NewsMark Public Relations CEO Mark Hopkinson who made the nomination said, “Although the Agency does not have service to older adults in Florida as its primary focus, the exemplary efforts of WPBHA’s Elder Care & Crisis Manager, assisted by one Elderly Services Coordinator and one volunteer, personify a record of excellence in work on behalf of senior Floridians. These are individuals who rise above their daily duties with a passion and creativity to unselfishly serve the needs of a vital part of the community, its senior population.”

With a mission to provide those with limited financial resources access to safe, decent and affordable public housing and programs to assist in transition to greater financial security, the West Palm Beach Housing Authority owns and operates 712 units in five housing developments: Dunbar Village, Southridge, Pleasant City, Twin Lakes and Robinson Village. 
More information about WPBHA and its programs is available at http://www.wpbha.org

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Mark Hopkinson                                                                       
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