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London, England – A new exhibition opens tomorrow at London’s Victoria and Albert Museum where American couturier Maggie Norris’ bespoke craftsmanship, extensive European research and luxurious design are bringing a new dimension to Haute Couture in a glorious celebration of the once common shirt.

“Presenting her impeccably crafted tuxedo shirts as part of the Museum exhibition ‘New York Fashion Now,’ Norris draws on a lyrical global vision, fusing inspirations that include her love of horseback riding, the English countryside, dressage, Saville Row and the work of bespoke artisans for the Royal Family,” said NewsMark Public Relations CEO Mark Hopkinson.

The exquisite pieces on display are drawn from the designer’s new collection of provocatively tailored and corseted chemiserie that evoke an era of Proust and Balzac as well as gentry like Beau Brummell and Oscar Wilde. Norris’ virtuosity with fabric, color and embroidery reverberate in cream colored Satin La Tour evening coats that bloom with hand-appliqued silk ribbon embroidery. Paired with antique satin documents featuring chinoiserie motifs from the early 18th century, stunning corsets finished with trapunto stitching and satin bows that stud front closures, each is a work of art unto itself.

Alluring riding jackets cut from vermilion satin duchesse recalling the sport of kings, are paired with dramatically hand-draped skirts, while more traditional elements of men’s haberdashery like cotton pique shown as a cummerbund, a dressage hat fabricated from supple suede, and a tie in an exuberant French print complete the ensemble.

“It was also paramount for me to find a jewelry designer like Adria de Haume who really understands that craft and artisanry are everything in my work; someone whose work, like mine, personifies the beauty inherent in detail and whose pieces could sustain a meaningful dialogue with mine,” said Norris, whose creations have drawn red carpet spotlight while being worn by actresses like Mischa Barton, Nicole Kidman, Diane Keaton, Sissy Spacek, and Jennifer Aniston.

Designing for Ralph Lauren for 13 years before founding her couture label specialising in tailored daywear and luxurious evening wear, Norris’s tuxedo shirts seduce with inserts of boning, beautifully crafted pleats, darts and ruffles that create a sensual effect. The detachable cuff has been re-interpreted with a sense of whimsy and homage to 18th and 19th century poets who would inscribe prose on their shirt cuffs. The designer has inscribed her own verses in calligraphy on the cuffs of her collection. Jeweled studs, bees and butterflies with diamonds, rubies and emeralds from de Haume add a delicate contrast of color to the optic white of cotton, and a sense of playfulness to the collection. 
“Maggie Norris ranks among the few designers in the world staying true to the couture level of design and we’re honored to have her as a client,” Hopkinson said.

Mark Hopkinson, NewsMark Public Relations
(561) 852-5767