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New York, NY — NewsMark Public Relations  has been retained by New York Times best-selling author, television personality and lecturer, Aphrodite Jones to publicize her latest true crime story, “Red Zone” (William Morrow).

“This is a riveting behind-the-scenes account of the San Francisco dog mauling that claimed the life of Diane Alexis Whipple and stunned a nation,”said NewsMark CEO Mark Hopkinson.

 “Aphrodite Jones is a masterful investigative writer who spent the last three years in painstaking research, uncovering many details of this horrific crime that were, until now, sealed from the public,” Hopkinson added.

The author of five best-selling crime books including the New York Times bestseller “Cruel Sacrifice,” Jones takes the reader deep inside the world of Paul “Cornfed” Schneider, an inmate of California’s Pelican Bay prison who owned the dogs.

Jones, whose account of the Brandon Teena story, “All She Wanted,” became an international bestseller and inspired the film, “Boys Don’t Cry,” says that”Red Zone” is the most chilling project she has ever undertaken.

“The terrifying mauling of an innocent victim by vicious attack dogs,occurred against the background of an equally frightening story involving obsession, bestiality, illegal drug rings and the Aryan Brotherhood, a notorious prison gang,” she said.

Taking a leaf out of the book of Salman Rushdie, the British author who went into hiding after Iran’s Ayatollah Khomeini offered a bounty for his death, Jones is taking no chances.

 “These criminal dog owners are due for parole in the next few months and through their ties to the Aryan Brotherhood, they’re already beginning to reach out from behind prison walls,” Jones added.

“She’ll be available for media appearances,” Hopkinson said. “But her day-to-day whereabouts, even her publicists won’t know.”

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