..as reported in International Boat Industry  Magazine

By Michael Verdon
A group of New Zealand yacht builders and marine suppliers raised just over US$10,000 for a local Ft Lauderdale charity last Saturday at the Ft Lauderdale International Boat Show. The consortium of marine exhibitors, united under New Zealand’s trade commission, held a charity auction that raised money for the local Habitat for Humanity.

“We are extremely proud of the way in which representatives and friends of New Zealand’s marine industry joined together to give so generously,” said New Zealand Trade Commissioner Lance Sheppard, in a statement. Over 2,400 homes are planned to be built this year by Habitat for Humanity as part of its hurricane relief efforts.

“The events of Hurricane Wilma less than two weeks ago made us all the more determined to get here,” said John Wood, New Zealand ambassador to the US, at the event. “I think Ft. Lauderdale has shown tremendous resilience to bounce back from the damage inflicted on the city.”

The “New Zealand Night” cocktail reception featured a fashion show by Line 7, New Zealand food and wine.