“…the standard of excellence for which all corporate websites should strive.” – Web Marketing Association

New York, NY., –NewsMark Public Relations has been awarded for outstanding achievement in the development of its corporate website www.NewsMarkPR.com

In a formal announcement of winners of the WebAward, the Web Marketing Association (WMA) awarded NewsMark Public Relations for “the standard of excellence for which all corporate websites should strive.”

“We’re very honored to receive this prestigious award,” said NewsMark CEO Mark Hopkinson. “We’ve combined technological advances with artistic flair to deliver our public relations messages, and this award is further testament to our success.”

“Our vision for www.NewsMarkPR.com was one that would properly reflect our national and international reach,” Hopkinson said. “Visitors can discover many references to our scope of work in South Florida, New York, Washington DC, California and other parts of the country, as well as internationally,” he added.

“We’re especially proud of our ‘News Gallery’ where client coverage on network and local TV, on radio and in print can be sampled.”   

The WebAward is the premier annual award competition of the Web Marketing Association that judges website development against an ever-increasing Internet standard and against peer sites within their industry. Judges included members of the media, advertising executives, site designers, content providers and webmasters who rated more than 1,300 sites from 19 countries during the competition.

About NewsMark Public Relations
NewsMark Public Relations is a full service agency founded by Mark Hopkinson, a former U.S. media strategist for the British government and BBC-trained journalist. The firm specializes in personal, political and corporate image building with an emphasis on influential media placements and strategic communications. Its website www.NewsMarkPR.com reflects this mission in an entertaining, compelling presentation of client news that keeps users engaged with audio and video streams and press clippings that underline the PR firm’s local, national and international reach.

CONTACT:  Mark Hopkinson
NewsMark Public Relations
Tel: 561-852-5767
Email: mhopkinson@newsmarkpr.com