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MIAMI, Florida — WorldCompliance, a leading provider of due diligence services for screening against suspected terrorists, money laundering, narcotics traffickers, fraudsters and other criminal activities, has retained NewsMark Public Relations to publicize its new generation of screening services for banks and financial institutions.

“We’re pleased to be tasked with raising the profile of a new generation of solutions built to maintain the integrity of the financial system at a time when corporate due diligence is paramount to protect against criminal activity,” said NewsMark CEO Mark Hopkinson.

 “Protecting the integrity of the financial system is also imperative in the fight against terrorism and other criminal activities. Criminal funds always follow the path of least resistance and today financial institutions are expected to use several layers of defense to detect and guard against any movement of the proceeds of crime,” said WorldCompliance Chairman Dirk Mohrmann.

“WorldCompliance is a leader in its space with unmatched time-saving features for helping a wide variety of industries, including financial institutions, broker dealers, insurance companies, government agencies, mutual funds, aerospace and trust companies to efficiently screen clients,” Mohrmann added.

World Compliance maintains a proprietary database that assists financial institutions worldwide streamline due diligence procedures and empower compliance programs. It includes vital information on over 600,000 “politically exposed persons” (PEPs), known or suspected terrorists, money launderers, narcotic traffickers, fraudsters, and other white collar criminals referenced to over 850,000 source links. Its comprehensive and detailed profiles contain an above average number of unique identifiers such as dates of birth, ID numbers, addresses and more than 100,000 portrait photographs that facilitate the quick and efficient verification of potential and existing customer matches updated on a real-time basis.  A web-based interface and automated screening solutions also provide full audit trail capability, enabling clients to demonstrate compliance efforts for regulators and auditors. WorldCompliance also maintains a library of warnings from over 300 enforcement agencies, criminal courts and investigative news from around the world.

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