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Distinguished Coaches include FIFA World Ambassador of Women’s Soccer

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DELRAY BEACH, FL. July 9,– A unique youth soccer camp that brings together an elite group of seasoned players each summer to be challenged in the mastery of soccer, mental toughness, discipline and determination, kicks off this week at American Heritage School.

The “Supreme Soccer Elite Invitational” is led by the Delray Beach Soccer Club’s Director of coaching Tony Stevens. He’s joined by former English Premier League player Ian Bishop and Italy’s Carolina Morace, FIFA’s World Ambassador of Women’s Soccer and former Womens World’s Best Player. Morace is also credited for having been the only woman to coach a professional men’s soccer team. Fitness guru and soccer trainer Gerry O’Brien rounds out the camp’s coaching staff with his ‘Total Fitness -Specific for Soccer’ program.
“Carolina’s distinguished soccer career including 105 goals for Italy in international play and Ian Bishop’s over 700 appearances in the English League while playing for top teams including West Ham, Everton and Manchester City, will provide just the right touch to the intensity I’ve designed to take the best players even further,” Stevens said.

“Dedication, enthusiasm and a good sense of humor are prerequisites for our players – we’ll provide the rest!” Stevens added.

The camp’s program includes an intense schedule from 9:00a.m.-12:30p.m. resuming after a lunch break for the afternoon sessions which run from 2.00-5.00pm. Three age groups
(10-12) (13-15) (16-18) with a maximum of 25 players will focus on the technical, tactical, psychological and physical aspects of the game. The program includes a daily “Super Skills” contest, six-a-side, small-sided functional games and 11 vs. 11.

Stevens, a former Head Coach to Manchester United’s nursery team and founder of Supreme Soccer, is well known for dynamic soccer training programs and camps to clubs throughout the South Eastern United States. More recently he has brought his unique vision of player development to the Delray Beach Soccer Club’s training philosophy.