Attorney Mark Tepper, the former Chief Trial Counsel at the New York Attorney General’s Bureau of Investor Protection and Securities, turned to NewsMark Public Relations nine years ago, to help leverage the strength of his Florida law firm and his reputation as “Investor Advocate”.

We’re delighted that the law firm has been a valued client ever since.

top-rated-lawyer-207x300From press release crafting to one-to-one news pitching with close media contacts, we began by positioning the editorial value of Mr. Tepper’s legal expertise as a top source for media covering the financial markets.

When FINRA arbitrators upheld claims filed by the law firm against a number of large financial services companies, recovering investor losses from Merrill Lynch (MER) for a high risk investment in Fannie Mae Preferred Stock, Charles Schwab (SCHW) YieldPlus, and Wachovia – now Wells Fargo, (WFC), we made sure the media were fully briefed. These results made news headlines.

We developed and hosted an “expert interview” series with the law firm on the subject of securities fraud, against the background that elderly Americans have lost more than $2.6 billion a year during the past decade due to financial abuse, most often perpetrated by people they trust.

Separately we work with the Florida Bar to approve television commercials, online marketing campaigns and print advertising that we produce for the law firm which positions Attorney Mark Tepper’s expertise in representing individual investors.

We edited and re-crafted all content to flow with our redesign of the law firm’s website to better represent an attorney who has successfully practiced law for over 35 years, is a member of the Florida, New York and California Bars, is AV®-rated, the highest rating of lawyers in the Martindale-Hubbell Law Directory and continues to make a difference for individual investors.

Results include news coverage in well positioned publications such as the Sun Sentinel, the Miami Herald, the Daily Business Review, the South Florida Business Journal, Investors Business Daily, Investment News, Financial Planning Magazine and Bank Investment Consultant, Dow Jones and CNBC.

The law firm’s website has received a 74% spike in website traffic while the TV spots have received rave reviews and continue to drive investors looking to learn more about their rights. In addition to the local market interest we’ve also orchestrated expert interviews with national publications like the LA Times and The New York Times.

“We have a highly trusted and valued relationship with NewsMark Public Relations which has exceeded our goals and continues to drive our investor education outreach efforts on all fronts. Mark Hopkinson’s detailed focus on every aspect of outreach efforts allows us to focus on our priorities without distraction – the task of representing individual investors. I’m pleased to say that the excellent positioning of our law firm in the local and national market has been as a direct result of his public relations activities.”

– Attorney Mark A. Tepper